R Family Farm, Inc
R Family Farm, Inc

2017 1/2 or Whole Hog CSA

We would like to Offer a Pork CSA for our customers.  If you order your 2017 half or whole pig before March 1st.  You will recieve a $50 savings!  Payment must be made before March 1st (We do except credit cards) and an approximate month that you would like to have your pig delivered. 


 This arrangement creates several rewards for both the us

(at R Family Farm) and the you (the customer).

In brief...Advantages for us:
     * Get to spend time marketing our pigs early in the year, before our busy time in the summer begins.
     * Receive payment early in the season, which helps with the our farm's cash flow to buy more pigs.
     * Have an opportunity to get to know the people who want to purchase Meat from our farm

Advantages for you:
     * Know that you will recieve the best tasting meat tat you know was grown locally in Boone County.
     * Helping us be able to purchase more pigs and feed
     * Develop a relationship with us and our farm

Knowing that our meat is anitbiotic, hormone, and steroid free.

                         It is truly a win/win situation!


Any Questions, just give Cindee a call at 815-519-4341

January  Meat Specials!!

Buy 3 Sauasage/ground/bratwurst (mix and match!)

Get the 4th piece FREE 

2017 Pig CSA info

Payment is due by March 1st!

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We accept Cash or  Credit/Debit

R Family Farm is now accepting  Credit/Debit Cards in our store and at all  Farmer's Markets.

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