R Family Farm, Inc
R Family Farm, Inc

Pork Prices (pictures of our own meat)



              Pork Chops

            Cut 1 inch thick

$5.50/ lb     Spare Ribs

                  Whole Rack



       Our Best Shoulder Roasts

                Cut 3.5 to 4.5 lbs


 Pre Cooked Pulled Pork (great for parties!) $9.00/lb      (2lb pkgs) lightly salted/peppered. Just add your own BBQ Sauce or eat your pulled pork plain. 

It tastes Great!

Always figure 1/4 lb per person.




All   Smoked Meat        No Nitrate 


Ham Slices                            $7.00/lb

Sm Ham slices                      $5.50/lb


Bone-in Ham                        $7.25/lb


Hocks no nitrate                  $4.50/lb


Bacon                                     $13.00/lb

(thin or thick sliced)



           Specialty Items 


Neck Bones                   $2.00/lb

Pigs Feet                        $2.00/lb 



OUR LARD had No Additives or Preservitives added.  Our Butcher is kind enough to save our trim until there is enough to do a batch just for us with only our trimmings!



Lard                                $13.00 / tub

Leaf Lard                        $6.00/lb





Breakfast Sausage:

Bulk                      $6.00/lb

Large Links           $7.00/lb

Patties                   $6.500/lb



Regular                   $7.00/lb

Garlic and Onion  $7.50/lb

Beer                         $7.50/lb

Cheddar                  $7.50/lb

Texas Hot               $7.50/lb


Italian Sausage:

Bulk                         $7.00/lb

Links                       $7.50/lb


Brat Patties- fits on a hamburger bun!

Garlic and Onion   $7.50/pkg

Beer                          $7.50/pkg


Specialty Items!

Summer Sausage   $10.00/lb

Pork Sticks              $6.00/pkg

              Stock your Freezer!                                  Whole and 1/2 Berkshire Hogs

R Family Farm will have some Whole and 1/2 Hogs available throughout the season.  Please call for availability.

January  Meat Specials!!

Buy 3 Sauasage/ground/bratwurst (mix and match!)

Get the 4th piece FREE 

2017 Pig CSA info

Payment is due by March 1st!

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We accept Cash or  Credit/Debit

R Family Farm is now accepting  Credit/Debit Cards in our store and at all  Farmer's Markets.

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