R Family Farm, Inc
R Family Farm, Inc

Egg Prices

Chicken Eggs at our Store are always $4.00 for a dozen eggs of all sizes and colors. Brown, Blue and Green!


Come to the farm and save!



Prices at all Farmer's Markets  only


Small      $3.00 dz

Medium   $4.50 dz

Large:     $6.00 dz

XLarge    $6.00 dz

Jumbo     $6.00 dz


Winter Market special!!   2 dozen for $10.00




We will have duck eggs in the Spring.

Chickens for Eating

Whole Chicken                           $4.00/lb

Whole Cut up  Chicken             $4.75/lb

Whole Chicken cut in 1/2         $4.50/lb

Bone in breast                             $9.50/lb

Leg Quarters                               $5.50/lb

Wings                                           $5.00/lb

Backs                                            $2.00/lb

Livers ard hearts                        $2.50/lb


No Gizzards will be available


Our chickens weigh 3 1/2 - 6 lbs and are processed at a USDA inspected plant.  The Mennonites process our chickens and do a wonderful job for us!


These are a very fast growing chicken and are ready to butcher in 7 weeks.  We are NOT feeding  Organic Feed in 2017.  We are now  Feeding Hueber "all Natural" feed.  We mix and grind weekly and  a probiotic is included in all of our of our poultry feed.

No Hormones, steriods, or antibiotics are used!


In the summer our birds are out on grass in hoop houses that are moved daily.   It amazes me how much grass they eat. 





Granddaughters looking at the baby cornish cross baby chicks.  We get 300 chicks each time we order!


All of our chicks come through the mail!  The chicks arrive at the Beloit Post office only a few hours after they shipped out.  I recieve a call from the post office by 6 am on the days chicks arrive!

January  Meat Specials!!

Buy 3 Sauasage/ground/bratwurst (mix and match!)

Get the 4th piece FREE 

2017 Pig CSA info

Payment is due by March 1st!

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R family farm

We have a YouTube channel. Please take a minute to check out all the videos. 


We accept Cash or  Credit/Debit

R Family Farm is now accepting  Credit/Debit Cards in our store and at all  Farmer's Markets.

Our Farm Store:

 Please call ahead so we can set up a time that is convenient for you!            Call:  815-519-4341

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