R Family Farm, Inc
R Family Farm, Inc

We will have a limited supply of                  Beef in 2017

We now have Beef available in our store.  It is so tender and juicy! 

No Antibiotics, No Steroids, and No Hormones!




          Round         $6.00/lb


          Sirlion         $10.00/lb


          Rib Eye       $13.00/lb


          T-Bone        $11.00/lb




         Arm Roast        $6.00/lb


         Chuck Roast     $5.50/lb


         Rump Roast      $7.00/lb




Hamburger               $5.00/lb


Stew Meat                $5.50/lb


Liver                         $3.00/lb

January  Meat Specials!!

Buy 3 Sauasage/ground/bratwurst (mix and match!)

Get the 4th piece FREE 

2017 Pig CSA info

Payment is due by March 1st!

Order now

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R family farm

We have a YouTube channel. Please take a minute to check out all the videos. 


We accept Cash or  Credit/Debit

R Family Farm is now accepting  Credit/Debit Cards in our store and at all  Farmer's Markets.

Our Farm Store:

 Please call ahead so we can set up a time that is convenient for you!            Call:  815-519-4341

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