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R Family Farm, Inc

Antique Tractors

1954 Massey Harris 44 Special 

This is the tractor we do most of our field work with.  Mike bought her in 1987 and has been using her for day to day operations since then


1948 Allis Chalmers G

We bought this gem in 1997 for our garden and the pumpkins.  Over the years, we have acquired several different attachments. They include: a cultivator and a right and left hand plow.

1944 International B

 Mike's Dad, Wayne bought this tractor in 1973.  We primarily use it for mowing and odd jobs around the farm.  It has a Woods Belly Mower under it.

1951 Allis Chalmers WD   Our 15 yr old Kevin, purchased this tractor 2005 so he too could have a antique tractor.  We have truly enjoyed this tractor.  Because it has a PTO we use it for grinding feed, spreading manure, plowing and disking the fields

1956 Model 35 AC 1 Row Picker

1956   Model 35 Allis Chalmers 1 row corn picker

We are hoping to be able to use this in the fall.  It is a work in progress! 

1951 Allis Chalmers Round Baler

1951  Allis Chalmers Round Baler  We have used this baler for many year.  It "kicks" the round bales (we call them tootsie rolls) out the back.  We then drive the wagon along side of them and pick them up by hand.  We believe that these small round bales are great for the goats because they really have to "work" at getting the hay out and waste less hay!

Steel Wheel Rake

International Steel Wheel Hay Rake

Although we use this rake several times during the summer when we are haying, I really think it would look cute in the middle of a flower bed!

picking up small round bales of hay

Here Mike is driving and the boys are picking up the small round bales.  These small round bales weigh about 50-60 lbs. 

1965 Gehl Grinder/Mixer

This our Gehl Grinder/Mixer that we use constantly.  Each animal gets it's own receipe for it's feed.  We plant non GMO corn and grind that all winter long! 

1967 Fox Chopper

Mike on the chopper with Kevin looking on.


1959-1963 Massey Harris #30 Pull-type Combine 

1953 Woods Brothers Pull-type 1 row corn picker


1965  Massey Ferguson Square Baler

2 WD Pick up Plows  (both are 2 bottems)

WD #3 Subsoiler

10 foot Allis Chalmers Disk

#7 Allis Chalmers Sickle mower

International Rotary Hoe

Allis Chalmers field cultivator

John Deere CC Field Cultivator



1940 Husker/Shredder

New Idea Running Gear with a Oliver Flair Box



#20 Grain-O-vator


Walking Tractors

Simplicity Walking Tractor

attachments: rotory mower, sickle mower, disk, plow, sulky, cultivator

Bolen's Husky Gardener

3 row Planter, Cultivator, sickle mower, plow


David Bradley Walking Tractor

Gravely Walking Tractor

Midland Town and Country and Dandy Boy.

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